Visit Chiesa di San Vigilio, the crown jewel of Col. San Martino

The town of Col San. Martino, which is part of the famous “Strada del Prosecco”, has churches, buildings and landscapes that you simply shouldn’t miss out on visiting. Situated on the valley up and beyond river Zouave, one of the many famous churches of Col. San Martino, The Chiesa di San Vigilio is a 11th century church built in the ‘post-Carolingian’ style on a hill in the nearby village of Posmon: it houses beautiful frescos dating the 15th century by a painter named Giovanni du Francia as well as other famous paintings making it perfect for connoisseurs of art. These frescoes include the “Madonna con Bambino seduta e San Nicolò benedicente” from the fifteenth century. Another famous painting inside the church is of the S. Antonio Abate by the painter Cima di Villa di Villa and a painting depicting S. Joseph working, while under the eyes of Mary and Jesus by S. Eustachio. The name of the church, which is dedicated to Saint Vigilio but is possibly derived from “vigilia” a word of Roman origin, which denotes that this place was probably used as a watchtower too. It also houses awe inspiring sculptures by a sculptor named Stuffer of Val Gardena.

Even the architecture of this church is interesting and tells a fascinating story. The majestic bell tower dates back to the 10th century. The two major renovations that shaped the unique interiors of this church happened in the beginning of the 15th century and the other one in the middle of the 16th century. The additions made during this time the church was enlarged and this is when some of the valuable frescoes were added. It also was a military base for the espionage of Italian troops during the Austro-Hungarian occupation, but unfortunately during this period it was also seriously damaged due to warfare. It is a perfect place to visit to get insights into the medieval times and is also the ideal place to enjoy Prosecco, as it is at a stone’s throw from some of the most lush Prosecco vineyards in Europe as this town is a part of the Strada del Prosecco. Through our Prosecco, Casanova Prosecco has tried to bottle the essence of these charming towns. Check out our wonderful collection of Prosecco, which includes varieties to serve every mood and preference, like the Casanova Prosecco Cuvée extra dry or Prosecco DOC Rose Brut Millesimato and many more!

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