Casanova Prosecco is founded in a passionate desire to create more than just a sparkling wine, but rather, like the Italian Masters, a work of art in a bottle. A masterpiece of lasting quality, where each bubble sparkles with the personality and charm of the legendary “Casanova”.

The Prosecco Casanova is produced according to the conditions of the Prosecco D.O.C.G and D.O.C., which records the cultivation of the grapes, their fermentation and the subsequent sparkling wine fermentation.

Thanks to the descendants of high standards in the processing of the wine, the characteristics to which the wine owes its fame are emphasised.

Being captured by the tingling bubbles of Prosecco Casanova means taking a journey back in time to the eras of the past and re-living the sensations and emotions of the eighteenth century, at the time of the famous Venetian adventurer. Emotional tension of sparkling wine will enchant both men and women who want to try the emotions of conquering and being conquered.

As the life of the famous personality, this wine also describes, with the maximum of freshness, moments of adventure and devotion. The ‘sogno Casanova’ (Casanova dream) turns into reality in a moment.

Unscrupulous is the respect for the individual production steps, which starts with the selection of the best grapes. This applies to the DOCG wine, which is grown exclusively on the vineyards between Valdobbiadene and Conegliano, as well as for the DOC wine.

The vineyards, the plant quality and the terroir form the fundamental starting point on which the glory of the Casanova Prosecco is based. After the attentive care and harvest of the grapes, follows the mastery of the best oenologist: In this way a wine with a young, fresh and tingling character is created, which perfectly reflects the charm of the unforgettable heartbreaker, to whom he owes his name.

The winery where the wine is produced is located a few kilometres  from Venice, in the territory of the prestigious Conegliano Valdobbiadene Prosecco Superiore DOCG. The exquisite grapes are processed according to the Italian method in an area that is unique in this world, just as it was the famous seducer, unique in its kind. After a first fermentation in which the must becomes wine, it is his second fermentation in large stainless steel tanks that makes the wine a sparkling wine.

However, it is the final touch that makes the difference: selecting only the best yeasts makes the quality
of the grapes stand out so that the product can develop in the best possible way and being overall fascinating and evocative for the finest palates.

Of great class are the sparkling bubbles that fill the bottles with
the image of the famous Venetian adventurer, and the delicious taste of its wine brings the inimitable charm of its aroma on a journey around the world. The elegant packaging enchants with its charm.

Casanova is divided into 5 different labels:

  • Valdobbiadene Prosecco Superiore, DOCG Extra Dry
  • Prosecco DOC, Brut
  • Prosecco Rosé, Brut
  • Cuvée, Extra Dry
  • Swarovski Edition Prosecco DOC, Brut

Numerous are the recognitions and certificates that Casanova Prosecco has received over the course of a century-long tradition.

The quality and the excellence of the wines have been recognised  and certified in the international oenological environment.

Our value is to offer the highest quality of prosecco, produced with high-quality materials made in Italy. The product is crafted by artisans entirely in Italy and its reseller through the entire world. We sell with originality and passion for our product, and we desire the best outcome to satisfy our customers.