Prosecco Superiore Sparkling Cocktails: Creative and Refreshing Recipes.

With the arrival of the warm season, many people are starting to show an intense desire to get outdoors and be with their friends, perhaps over an inviting sparkling cocktail prepared with the best Italian Prosecco.

It’s no secret: Prosecco, like our Prosecco Rosè DOC, can certainly be enjoyed on its own, but in some cases it can prove to be the perfect ingredient to bring to life some of the best sparkling cocktails around. Making these special drinks takes just a few simple steps. All you will need to do is equip yourself with a quality Prosecco – like our Valdobbiadene Prosecco Superiore DOCG – and carefully follow the directions we are about to give you. The end result will surprise you, we are sure. With these tips, you will know how to surprise your friends and loved ones by making them sparkling cocktails made even more special by the use of a special wine like Prosecco Casanova.

Some tips

The first point to keep in mind is that for the preparation of these cocktails you need to follow a precise procedure, marked by several steps to be performed in the right order. Accidentally reversing one of the steps, or performing one before another, could in fact lead to really unpleasant end results. When preparing sparkling cocktails with Prosecco, one golden rule should always be kept in mind: the wine should always be added after the other ingredients. Mixing it simultaneously with the other ingredients, in fact, could alter the quality of the final result. It is also very useful to know exactly what kind of Prosecco to use to produce certain specific effects, so that you can surprise even more your friends or the people with whom you choose to spend these moments of joy in the name of quality cocktails.

You also need to know precisely when to use ice: incorrect use of ice cubes could in fact compromise the quality of your cocktails, significantly altering even the Prosecco used to prepare it. Again, ice should only be added at the end.


The king of aperitifs has only one name: the spritz. This drink is usually made with three parts prosecco, two parts bitter and small doses of seltzer or soda, along with the inevitable ice cubes. To prepare this drink, you don’t have to be a professional bartender: if you have purchased a good Prosecco, such as those offered within our shop, preparing this drink will be child’s play. It doesn’t even matter if you prefer one particular bitter to use over another, because what matters in a spritz is the Prosecco base.

Negroni Sbagliato

One of the most popular drinks is definitely the Negroni Sbagliato: this particular drink, which originated in a bar in Milan, is prepared using Prosecco instead of Gin, which is traditionally used in the preparation of the traditional Negroni. This drink requires one third Bitter Campari, one third Red Vermouth and another third Prosecco. We recommend using Casanova Prosecco DOC for this preparation, which would blend beautifully with the other ingredients in the recipe. This drink is prepared in the appropriate glass, and at the end (in addition to ice cubes) a decorative orange slice is usually added.


The Bellini is also prepared largely with Prosecco: this drink, which originated in Venice as a tribute to the painter of the same name, is in fact prepared with a small amount of white peach puree and three quarts of Prosecco (the fruit must be crushed with a special sieve, or the Bellini will not feature its typical color that made it famous). Because it is prepared with peaches, the Bellini is undoubtedly one of the most beloved summer drinks ever, and it should be drunk within minutes immediately after preparation.

Prosecco-based preparations are potentially endless. What matters, in any case, is to have a raw material of exceptional quality, such as the Prosecco that we have continued to offer for several years to those who love to celebrate life.

Prosecco Casanova

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