The Art of Journey

From the roots to the frame

from the hills of Prosecco Superiore to the showcase of the Brand

The roots of Casanova Prosecco lie in a unique territory, rich in tradition and inimitable charm that continues to arouse the awe and wonder of all who visit. To set foot in the territory of Conegliano, where our Prosecco is produced, is to come into direct contact with the full value of a unique location that for more than a hundred years has continued to enchant the entire world with the quality of its production. 

Proposing to customers a wine created under these conditions, for us, also means paying homage to one of the territories that has made Italy famous in the world, giving even more substance to the expression Made in Italy and giving it a very precise meaning. 

Giacomo Casanova as well as Prosecco have the origin of Veneto, where Casanova Prosecco is truly a commemoration of Venetian and Italian heritage.

Our bottle design and labels pay homage to the legendary Giacomo Casanova, which sets our brand apart and infuses it with a sense of history and allure. A fascinating bottle encapsulating a true excellence produced in Italian territories, Prosecco, wrapped in an equally elegant label bearing the signature, name and spirit of the greatest seducer of all time.