Our Story

The story of Brand «Casanova Prosecco» is founded in a passionate desire to create more than just a sparkling wine, but rather, like the Italian Masters, a work of art in a bottle. A masterpiece of lasting quality, where each bubble sparkles with the personality and charm of the legendary “Casanova”.

Carlo Parodi, CEO and the founder had the vision to bring the very best producers, marketing and design professionals together, to create a lea- ding, quality driven wine to the market. The result, is an Italian wine of distinction and elegance. A unique and seductive Prosecco Casanova.


Casanova Prosecco is a brand established in 2013 and named after the famous Italian adventurer Giacomo Casanova of Venice. Casanova’s eventful life is an inspiration to our brand as it was full of indulgence, passion and celebration and we try to embody these elegant feelings and vibes in our Prosecco.

Brand Heritage

Giacomo Casanova as well as Prosecco have the origin of Veneto. Casanova Prosecco is truly a commemoration of Venetian and Italian heritage and two truly Italian icons, the perfect way to experience the “Dolce Vita” life in a bottle.

Brand inspiration

The brand is named after Giacomo Casanova, the famous Italian adventurer from the 1700s. Casanova’s eventful life is an inspiration to our brand as it was full of indulgence, passion and celebration and we try to embody these elegant feelings and vibes in our Prosecco.

Brand message

Casanova Prosecco is a truly versatile drink, as it brings out a vast range of emotions and feelings depending on the customer and the event. Whether it is the feelings of elegance and grace at large and exclusive events or just a feeling of connecting to Italian roots when drinking alone or a refreshing and revitalising feeling at the end of a week with friends, Casanova Prosecco has it all and is perfect for any occasion.

Brand position

Casanova Prosecco offers products that are truly Italian, from the production of origin. Prosecco is exclusively made in the north eastern part of Italy, and our Prosecco is made in accordance with proper rules for production for it to get the prestigious DOC and DOCG classifications. Although our products are on the upper premium side, they retail at an affordable price. The brand positioning is at middle to high.



brand foundation

Established in 2013, Casanova Prosecco was founded with the vision of creating a brand inspired by the legacy of Giacomo Casanova



In 2014, we took a leap into innovation with our first-ever bottle design! Introducing the sleeved design, a groundbreaking process where each bottle was embraced by a pelicola, setting a trend that resonates with our commitment to elegance and uniqueness. Witness the evolution of our design as we’ve continued to redefine excellence through the years.

London calling!

Vinitaly Debut.



24th Feb 2015: We kicked off the year with a fabulous Fund Fair in London, making headlines in the world of luxury

10th July 2015: A soirée to remember! Our cocktail party at Villa Lario featured the enchanting Chris Jagger.

24th Nov 2015: Wrapping up the year in style at the Park Theatre Gala Dinner – a night filled with sparkle and sophistication


Shine white

Fall Winter 2016/2017: Shining bright at the Milan Women’s Fashion Show with Casual Glamour N21

1-2 April 2016: Launching the exquisite White Collection at The Dorchester Hotel, London.

20 July 2016: Winning Bronze for Casanova Valdobbiadene Prosecco extra dry, 2014, and claiming the top spot for Casanova Prosecco Brut, 2013, at the International Wine Challenge.


runway bubbles

Pink Cannes Festival

March 19-21, the ProWine International Fair Trade exhibition

March 31, 2017 – the grand launch of Versace Boutique in Hong Kong, featuring the elegance of Versace alongside the effervescence of Casanova Prosecco. 

Prosecco Spring Festival in London

MFW / LFW runway bubbles

International Wine Challenge


Venice through the magic

Embark on a journey through time with Casanova Prosecco! Immerse yourself in the allure of the Casanova Museum & Experience, the world’s first museum dedicated to the legendary Giacomo Casanova. 



The spotlight at Prowein Düsseldorf, the epicenter of wine and spirits innovation.

February 28, 2019, we  alongside with Casanova Museum brought the sparkle to St. Mark Square during the Carnival of Venice. From the enchanting masks to the vibrant celebrations, Casanova Prosecco added effervescence to this iconic event.


Cheers via zoom

Covid catch also us but we never give up. Smart working is our next year with cheers via zoom.


moment to restart

Restarting our working process and reconnecting with the territory.



This year, our journey took us across oceans and continents, exploring the vibrant world of wine! From the prestigious wine expo in the US, where we unveiled the exquisite nuances of Casanova Prosecco to connoisseurs, to the enchanting Korea wine exhibition, where we discovered the rich tapestry of the Asian market, our glasses have been filled with global flavours!


A decade of crafting moments

ProWein 2023 – Düsseldorf, 19-21 March marked its 10th anniversary. A decade of delight, a decade of crafting moments to be cherished, shared, and savoured.

In the heart of Como, Casanova Prosecco proudly supported a charity event organised by the International School of Como. A night of giving back, where bubbles met benevolence, and each sip contributed to a greater cause. Together, we raised glasses and funds, celebrating the spirit of generosity!


next stop ..

Embark on a journey through time with Casanova Prosecco!

time to indulge!