Why to choose Casanova Prosecco?!

We take great pride in producing exquisite wines that embody the essence of Italian heritage and culture. Our unique product, inspired by the historical figure Giacomo Casanova from Venice, stands as a testament to our commitment to crafting exceptional experiences.


A Blend of Italian Elegance and History.

As you may have noticed, our bottle design and labels pay homage to the legendary Giacomo Casanova, which sets our brand apart and infuses it with a sense of history and allure.

Involvement in a legend

Involvement in our historical character Giacomo Casanova, famous Italian adventure makes you experience vivid emotions. A good story that can sparks your curiosity.

Casanova’s life was the epitome of opulence and pleasure and inspired by him, we have incorporated these feelings into our magnificent Prosecco. Our brand is a memorialisation of the melange of the two stars of Veneto- Prosecco, and Casanova.

Multi- sensory experience

We want to create a multi-sensory experience that imprints itself deeply in the mind of every customer, and which is able to involve all the senses: the palate, sight, smell and even touch. Starting from the moment customer lay their eyes (and hands) on the labels and continues during the actual tasting. In this way, we have created an all-encompassing experience that will immerse everyone in the adventurous, sophisticated and elegant universe of Giacomo Casanova in the golden years of Venice. 


A fascinating bottle encapsulating a true excellence produced in Italian territories, Prosecco, wrapped in an equally elegant label bearing the signature, name and spirit of the greatest seducer of all time.

We take quality very seriously. From the exceptional Glera grapes used, to the traditional process used by our expert winemakers to the beautiful packaging, we want to provide prime perfection to our customers for their best moments!


The quality of our products is not only perceived by the goodness of the wine, but also by the meticulous attention to detail and the scrupulous care. Every time a person lays his or her fingers on any one of our labels, feeling the slight relief that characterises it, he or she will automatically experience the desire to touch it again, which is precisely why tactile and sensory experiences are so crucial. Even the font chosen for the labels carries with it a very special history: for our products, we have chosen the ‘Bodoni’ font, created in the 18th century and now universally recognised as a symbol of Italian style in every corner of the world. On the opposite side of the label, you will see the original signature of Giacomo Casanova, placed there to further emphasise our deep connection with the spirit and style of the great Venetian lover, who continues to inspire us every day.

Power of Faith

The wish to make our customers followers of faith and not consumers of the product.