Description: Natural sparkling white wine

Grape variety: Selection of white grapes

Area of origin: Italy
Chemical and physical features: Actual alcoholic title: 11% vol – Sugar residue: 15 – 17 g/l

There are times that evoke magical moments, that inspire joy. Times when the heart and palate emisrace sparkling sensations with Casanova Cuvée flavour loats on the air like a scent, aromas tickle your tastebuds, and perfume surrounds you in a magical atmosphere, where everything combines to create new emotions.
Pale straw yellow, with vivid perlage. Scents are pleasantly fresh with hints of yellow fruits like peach and apricot.
Clean in the mouth and harmonious at taste.

Serving suggestions
Perfect for aperitif, and main or second courses with light fish

Serving temperature 7÷9°C

Nutritional facts
• n°1 g of alcohol: 7 Kcal
• n°1 l of dry wine at 10% vol: 600 Kcal • n°1 g of sugar residue: 4 Kcal

Intended use
The product is not intended for children nor for other subjects at risk. Contains sulphites.

Available format

0.75 litres – Product code: 690074610