The roots of Casanova Prosecco lie in a unique territory, rich in tradition and inimitable charm that continues to arouse the awe and wonder of all who visit. To set foot in the territory of Conegliano, where our Prosecco is produced, is to come into direct contact with the full value of a unique location that for more than a hundred years has continued to enchant the entire world with the quality of its production. 

It is no coincidence that a few years ago, in 2019, the hills of Veneto where our Prosecco is produced became a Unesco World Heritage Site: this is a precious recognition that once again testifies to the exceptional quality of all the wines offered by Casanova Prosecco, and it is also a well-deserved tribute to the localities of Conegliano and Valdobbiadene, known worldwide for the legendary quality of their wine-making tradition. Sometimes, the natural characteristics of a territory can also represent a good starting point to achieve higher goals, capable of going beyond market logics related to product quality and refinement. We are obviously referring to sustainability and respect for natural ecosystems, which in these lands so rich in history take on an even more special significance. 

The winery in which our wine is produced has long since embarked on a serious path towards building a sustainable and environmentally friendly production model, at every single stage of production, thus giving birth to exquisite products marked by that peculiar quality that can be seen only in those companies that care about the protection of the planet. In this case, sustainability is transformed into a much broader concept that also includes special attention to the economic and social development of territories, thus leading them to express their full potential through a production system capable of respecting the environment. In fact, all production processes are marked by the EQUALITAS standard, which is reserved for those producers who make a daily commitment to carry out sustainable and low-impact production processes at every stage of the work (from production to bottling and the sale of the final product). 

Proposing to customers a wine created under these conditions, for us, also means paying homage to one of the territories that has made Italy famous in the world, giving even more substance to the expression Made in Italy and giving it a very precise meaning. But the path towards achieving sustainable goals cannot stop here: in fact, it is a continuous and uninterrupted quest, always aimed at protecting the vitality of the environment through the recycling of waste materials and the introduction of increasingly sustainable and low-impact production systems. The purpose is clear: to leave a tangible mark of our passage on this planet, showing it all the respect and consideration it deserves.