Girls I Rate

The soiree hosted by Miss Carla Marie Williams and Miss Vivianna has given the opportunity to bring many powerful women together to network, create lasting relationships and raise money!
Thank you so much to everyone who has enjoyed our Prosecco at the event and to all the amazing women that we met during the event: Girls Power always wins!

Casanova launch in Bulgaria

The Independent Theatre turned into a scene of the most exquisite party of the season, hosted by the Italian premium prosecco brand Casanova and Diana Alexieva.

The event celebrated the Bulgarian market entry of the Italian brand, which is known as one of the most popular brands Italian prosecco. Three types of the sparkling wine were served with the music of Beloslava Among her loyal fans were the actress Theodora Duhovnikova, the famous singer Nina Nikolina, DJ Martin, famous brothers Baharov – Zachary and Yavor and the host Diana Alexieva.

The sparkling prosecco Casanova can be bought in Bulgaria and promises to host more prosecco evenings in Sofia in the beautiful company of Diana Alexieva and the music of Beloslava.