Pumpkin Risotto using Casanova Prosecco by Chef Matteo Gramatica

Pumkin risottto with bottarga and red prawns, made using Casanova Prosecco Brut DOC

Situated in the heavenly commune of Bellagio in Como, Ristorante alle Darsene di Loppia is a place that can fulfil anyone’s gourmet dreams. This aesthetically pleasing restaurant with its rustic interiors and al fresco setting is perfect to experience the beautiful Lake Como while having a splendid culinary experience. This restaurant is famous for its handpicked fresh and seasonal ingredients and for whipping up a Mediterranean feast that is plated so spectacularly, that one can’t help but me mesmerized. The mastermind behind these outstanding ideas and creations is none other than Chef Matteo Gramatica, who has a gifted ability to create a beautiful profile of flavors, textures and colors through his recipes by mixing well suited ingredients while being able to highlight the unique characteristics of each of the ingredients used.

In order to help us celebrate our spectacular Casanova Prosecco DOC Brut Chef Matteo has crafted a perfectly delicious dish that’s a vibrant feast for the eyes and the palate. Try this recipe so that you too can recreate these flavors by following this flavorsome Risotto that is used making our delicious prosecco. Buon appetito!


Ingredients (for 4 people):

− ½ onion

− 320 gr. Carnaroli rice

− 60 gr. Butter

− 50 gr. Parmesan

− Olive oil

− 1 glass of prosecco Brut Casanova

− 16 red shrimps cleaned

− 10 gr. Mullet roe

− 80 gr. pumpkin puree

− 2 liters of vegetable broth


Brown the onion with olive oil. Add the rice. Toast and sprinkle with a glass of Brut Casanova prosecco. Evaporate and soak with vegetable broth.
Halfway through cooking, add the pumpkin puree previously cooked in the oven.
Bring to the end of cooking and let the risotto rest for about 2 minutes. Then stir in butter, parmesan and a grated pepper. Place the risotto on the plate with a grated bottarga of mullet. Finally place the raw shrimp over the risotto. Serve with a chilled glass of Casanova Prosecco.