PROSECCO ROSE D.O.C. BRUT Millesimato 2021


Natural sparkling Rosé wine, Millesimato 2021


Sparkling wine produced with the variety of Glera grapes 88% and Pinot Noir 12%, native to the Treviso area. In this countryside there are the best soils and climate conditions that grant a wine unique in characteristics. The sparkling process is made with Charmat method in steel autoclave in compliance with the regulation of the materia, obtaining a Brut young wine, exciting and perfect in all the occasions.
The wine pours a pale pink colour. Lively perlage and persistent foam, it has intense aromas with floral scents of white and red flowers accompanied by fruity notes such as apple, pear and hints of red fruit, such as strawberry and raspberry. The taste is fresh and on the palate it is pleasant and harmonious.

Serving suggestions

Should be served at a temperature between 6 ° and 7 ° C, and to taste it a rather large tulip-shaped glass is recommended, which allows you to appreciate the aromas in their richness. 


It pairs beautifully with salmon and seafood, with sweet and savoury appetisers, shrimps, lobster, prawns and tuna carpaccio, fruits and light desserts. Fantastic as an aperitif.


Actual alcoholic title: 11% vol – Sugar residue: 9 – 11 g/l

Manufacturer code: TV 9588IT Conegliano, Italy

The product is not intended for children nor for other subjects at risk. Contains sulphites.



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