Food Pairing With Prosecco Superiore: Discovering Perfect Matches

Casanova Prosecco can of course be enjoyed on its own, but in some cases its exceptional characteristics can enhance the flavors and tastes of some of the world’s tastiest foods, turning every meal into a true dream experience thanks to special food pairing with Prosecco. Prosecco is known worldwide for its delicacy, its undeniable goodness, but also for its extraordinary versatility. In fact, its natural characteristics allow it to adapt excellently to a wide variety of foods, from first courses to main courses, without forgetting desserts and all the dishes that are usually served at aperitifs. Let’s discover toghether some of the best food pairings with Prosecco.

First and Second Courses

During meals, one can even change the type of Prosecco depending on the course, but never exceed three total wines (or different from each other) per meal. First and second courses, such as those with vegetables or fish, can pair perfectly with an Extra Brut. Indeed, the characteristics of this wine can enhance the flavors of these foods, intensifying their taste even more and increasing the overall value of the food pairing with Prosecco. Summer dishes, such as salads or fish preparations (or even dishes prepared with exotic fruits), on the other hand, are an excellent match with Prosecco Valdobbiadene Docg, which will bring out every characteristic of them in an excellent way. In these cases, it will be best served at a temperature below 8°.

Aperitifs, Appetizers and Other Meals

For aperitifs (but also for hors d’oeuvres) the ideal solution is Brut, which always succeeds in enhancing the flavours of foods such as appetizers or finger-foods, or all such foods. Paired with fruit juices or other such beverages, Brut can also give rise to excellent cocktails. Generally, meat-based foods can be enjoyed with a good red wine, but certain types of cured meats, such as cooked ham or mortadella, can also be consumed with a bitter Prosecco, capable of intensifying the taste of these foods and making it even more special. Extra Brut also goes perfectly with different types of cheese, such as ricotta, and with vegetables such as eggplant or zucchini., giving life to one of the best food pairing with Prosecco.


Drinking Prosecco together with desserts might be a risky choice, but with Prosecco Dry, with a high sugar content, it can also fit perfectly with any dessert.

Prosecco Casanova

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