Exclusive Edition

Exclusive Swarovski Edition Prosecco

We at Prosecco Casanova love celebrations, whether it’s celebrating love in the form of engagements and anniversaries or major milestones like graduations and parties. But there is nothing we love to celebrate more than you, our customers, and the power of all things sparkly, like our prosecco!

All around the world diamonds symbolize so much love, strength, and health but most of all uniqueness and luxury. To us, just like every diamond is unique due to its cut, clarity, shape, and origin our customers are also one of a kind to us in their personalities, cultures, and tastes, and Casanova Prosecco through its versatile collection caters to all of these. And this is how the idea to create our limited-edition Casanova Prosecco Swarovski Edition DOC celebrates the individuality of our unique customers from all around the world. 

We decided to collaborate with the prestigious Austrian brand Swarovski, whose famous collections have been worn by actors, models, and even members of the royalty. The limited-edition by Casanova features two bottles in 0.75 cl enveloped in 3370 Swarovski crystals and 1.5 cl is wrapped with 6145 crystals. This collection represents the very spirit of Prosecco Casanova as these bottles are unforgettable, indulgent, and the epitome of luxury. As said by Carlo Parodi, the founder, and CEO of Casanova Prosecco “We believe in the marriage of exceptional wines with elegant design to ensure that the enjoyment of any Casanova purchase lasts long after the final sip, thanks to the fabulously opulent designs of our bottles. The Swarovski bottles, in particular, are a stunning addition to our range.”

Is there a better way to start the new year than on a sparkly note? We doubt that! Bring opulence and sparkle into your life and year with the limited edition Casanova Prosecco Swarovski DOC Collection. Available exclusively on the Casanova Prosecco Website.