Drink responsibly – Informative Guide on Drinking

Drinking is always fun: it helps you have a great time, bond with your peers, and sometimes at the end of a long work week, it’s much needed! The golden rule for all good things however is moderation. Read more to know how to achieve this balance when it comes to drinking and drinking responsibly!

1. Eat when drinking:

It is always recommended to eat at least an hour before and while you’re drinking. This is because of you’ve eaten well before drinking, the alcohol is absorbed slowly whereas if you drink alcohol on an empty stomach, the alcohol quickly passes from the stomach to the small intestine where most of it is absorbed into the bloodstream, so even on a small quantity of alcohol could get you tipsy faster. 

2. Have a purpose: 

Drinking is always fun, but it’s always good to have a purpose and have a pep talk with yourself before drinking. Are you drinking to loosen up your nerves? Is it a casual brunch with your friends? Do you regularly drink alone? Be honest with yourself. Your life and health are important and your drinking purpose should align in such a way that it keeps you safe and sound, and not cost you anything too bad in the long run.

3. Stick to one type of alcohol: 

Sticking to one type of alcohol is better if you want to consume less alcohol and keep a track of your drinks and their number, whether you choose to have a beer, vodka, or liquor. If you have various types of drinks, it might be hard for you to keep track of how much alcohol you have consumed. Not to mention that if you switch beverages you will go from the alcohol volume in every drink will vary, you might end up consuming more than planned. Which drink do we recommend if it’s just one type of drink? Casanova Prosecco, of course!

4. Keep track on the number of drinks: 

Before you step out for an occasion, decide with yourself which type of drink you will have and how many depending on your drinking goals and capacity. Once you set an upper limit on whichever drink you decide to consume, you can have a goal in mind that you have to stick to. Other things that could help are if you consider the number of calories each drink could have, especially if you’re into fitness and health. Choosing to buy your own drinks could also keep you from drinking too much. Another motivation could be if you’ve driven yourself to the venue, you know that for your own safety and the safety of others and for legal reasons, in most countries you cannot drink more than one glass of wine.

5. Drink socially:

For us, drinking responsibly goes hand in hand with having fun and a great time. And is there a better way to have the best time drinking than with your friends and family, after all, sharing is caring! When you’re in social situations it will be easier to pace your drinking, as you might be too busy laughing, talking, dancing, or posing for pictures! Besides you can ask one of your peers to be your ‘accountability partner’, what this means is you can ask them to make sure that you stick to X number of drinks and don’t cross that limit. 

6. Stay hydrated: 

One of the side effects of alcohol is that it causes dehydration, which is the loss of essential salts and water from the body. It also causes a loss of key electrolytes. Hydration is always important, as the human body needs a lot of water to sustain itself, but because of the aforementioned reasons, it’s even more important when drinking. We would recommend alternating between an alcoholic beverage and a glass of water. Not only will this replenish your salt and electrolyte levels, but it will also help your body to flush out toxins and prevent a hangover.

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