Il magico universo di Casanova non è mai stato così vicino. Esplora la nostra ricca selezione di bottiglie e scegli quella che ti ispira di più. Per ogni bottiglia acquistata avrai in omaggio uno dei nostri speciali accessori firmati Casanova.

Fequent Asked Questions

May I inquire about the minimum purchase order requirement?

It is important to have a minimum of one order placed in order to avail the complimentary accessories.

Can I choose the accessory by myself?

Well, that actually depends on a couple of factors: availability and the number of wine bottles you’re ordering. If you happen to order five or more bottles of wine, you can definitely let us know what accessory you’d like to have.

What’s included in the accessory?

The accessory consists of various Casanove signature items listed on our website, such as glasses, an ice bucket, and a cooler display.

What does “Casanova Signatured” refer to?

All our accessories feature a high-quality, printed Casanova logo that adds an elegant touch to their appearance.favicon Casanova logo

Do you still have questions in the mind?

If you still have any question about the promotion, you can “Call Us


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